KUNSTFLOW Altes Theater Vol. 1
KUNSTFLOW Altes Theater Vol. 1
KUNSTFLOW Altes Theater Vol. 1

Kunstflow is where awareness

rules the magic

Im regen Schatten raumverwandelnder Lichtinstallation ereignet sich hier der wundersame Fluss von verdichteten Literatur-Acts, verwoben mit musischen Live-Interventionen und konzeptuellen Art-, Media- & Tanz-Performances.

KUNSTFLOW is a contemplative and emergent work of art created and curated live by Leon Tsvasman.

Since 2009, the spirit of KUNSTFLOW has been embodied in performatively improvised basic, flow-in and fusion multi-active performances of extraordinary character.

KUNSTFLOW is realized in a variety of improvised acts performed by artists of all genres. The emergent artwork, which is accompanied exclusively by versatile originals, was located in various formats.

The networks "KUNSTFLOW Friends & Makers" Community and "KUNSTFLOW Academy of Social Arts" on Facebook are frequented by numerous fans.

So far KUNSTFLOW has emerged from its self-regulation beyond any profit orientation as an infosomatic interplay of subject-immanent attention and artistic potential in the spirit of "infosomatic magic".

All audiovisual snapshots or other artifacts during the creation of KUNSTFLOW are part of a perpetual interdisciplinary work of art "in a vertical time" that can not be reduced to a collection of individual acts.

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