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KUNSTFLOW is a permanent Synthesis of Social Arts emerging in conceptual Kunsflow Events that take place locally worldwide and are steered by Kunsflow curators.
When you are invited by a local Kunsflow Curator to participate in Kunsflow events with your conceptual Acts, inspired and mentored by the local community of Friends and Makers, you will have a chance to try yourselves in a role of a Kunsflow Actor by exploring your ways to deal with attention. Otherwise, you can nominate yourselves here on an official global Kunsflow Community Platform by joining it with your profile.

What do you get out of co-creating KUNSFLOW as a Kunstflow Actor?

In a world shaped by mainstream, specialization and consensus, it is not easy to live having a highly creative potential. But the future belongs to us in the roles of mentors, motivators and managers. Until then, it is only important to remain relevant without standards trivializing you. If you believe in this future, support KUNSTFLOW as Co-Creator with your Acts, and KUNSTFLOW will give you the best possible attention, an awareness of potential.

In the realm of this higher benevolent attention, you are free to create experimental, conceptual, and original acts to try out things that you would probably not dare to in a concert or official show for your demanding paying auditorium. Since Kunsflow Events are community events, in which creative potentials encourage, motivate and mentor each other, supported by benevolent Friends and Makers, you can profile and position your various artistic sides like cutting a diamond, you can experiment freely and get a high quality feedback.
There are certain self-explanatory simple rules to follow: only authentic or improvised content (poetry, songs, stories, libretto, visuals etc.), no cover, autonomous action alone or with your own acting team (with no necessary technical or other external support from Kunsflow Community needed) etc.

#authentic #inspired #true #nomainstream #nocover #norivalry

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