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For a novice Curator of Social Arts, Kunstflow Steering is a noble hobby and a great tool to learn by creating, or to position yourself as an innovative leader and moderator in a local community of creative people helping each other to gain a motivating attention.
By steering Kunstflow Events and curating Kunstflow Foundations you learn to understand and rule complex attention-driven socio-mental Systems. The evident criteria of Success are Continuity, Stability, Self-Regulation, optimal use of autonomous Drives of participants and their Acts etc.

How can you inspire local creative potential to participate in your community?

The best way is to discover those in your circle of acquaintances who do not yet pretend to be artists. Since childhood, it has been my personal passion to discover talents in friends and to support them as mentors. And I don't mind that they didn't care after becoming famous, not always as an artist.

If you are already planning events, another option is to expand your network of artists by speaking to capable street artists and inviting them to events that have already been planned.
You can also search Kunsflow Community Database for local Kunstflow Candidates.

You lead already a local community of creative people?

Pick a Kunstflow Trial or Basic license, name your Community „Kunstflow Your Town, State“ or „Kunstflow by Your Name Surname“ and try to implement Kunstflow Rules by organizing the local Flow-In Events. With the Kunstflow Basic License you get access to Kunstflow Academy for Creative Mentoring, Social Arts Steerer Club, Friends & Makers Community including a possibility to publish and exchange your efforts and success. There is no guaranty that it will work, but give it a chance to know you’ve tried.

At Kunstflow events, artists learn from each other and you should support it. Jamming together during breaks and at the end of the evening helps a lot. Or ask instrumentalists to accompany poetic actions spontaneously.
However, it is important to inspire the permanent acts by enabling mutual support and networking.
You can also name artists who have participated in your events more than three times "Kunstflow Classics".

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